Granlund Firearms of British Columbia


 Firearms and Hunting Courses:

PAL (Possession Acquisition License) to buy and possess Long Rifles and Shotguns. 

Restricted Handgun Firearms Licenses  (Restricted Handguns for shooting at the Range only), [this is an add on to the basic p.a.l. like a class # on your drivers licence]

C.O.R.E. (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) B.C. Provincial Hunting Course  (for purchasing a yearly Hunting License).

Pre-payment in advance in Cash (in our store) is required to reserve your spot (no Interact, no Credit Cards are accepted- Thank You!).

You have to be at least 10 years old to take the courses.


Next Available Courses/Dates: 


Calamity Kim (250-337-8898 or 250-830-7641):

PAL (Non-restricted) $130, CORE $140 and Restricted $100 courses located in Black Creek, B.C. starting on: 

Combined Non Restricted PAL and C.O.R.E. $250 CASH ONLY - come in and PAY in our Store!


Sept 8, 2017 PAL (6 PM - 10 PM) and Sat. Sept 9, (8 AM - 3 PM )

Restricted on Sun, Sept 10, (8AM - 3 PM)

Core continues on Sept 11, Sept 12 and Sept 13 (6-10 PM)  

Sept 22, 2017 PAL (6 PM - 10 PM) and Sat. Sept 23 (8 AM - 3 PM )

Restricted on Sun, Sept 24, (8AM - 3 PM)

Core continues on Sept 25, Sept 26, and Sept 27 (6-10 PM)


October 6 & October 22

November 3 and November 17th


The Campbell River Gun Club has a course:

Dates for the PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) course for 2016 are:

COST:  $100 plus Manual .  Non-refundable pre-payment required to hold place on the course. 

Call for 2017 Dates!

TIME:  Start Time each day 09:00 Hrs.  Finish Sat. at 17:00 hrs  Finish Sunday in the PM following practical exam.  Bring your lunch.  

PLACE:  CRGC Indoor Range 2600 Quinsam Road (turn left at the first road past the Island Hwy on the Gold River Hwy).  Check the CR Gun Club Web site under Directions for a map showing the location of the indoor range.

RESTRICTED COURSE may be arranged if enough interest in the class (Four additional Hour, COST is $50.00 plus manual) 

Instructor:  Tom D Walker

[email protected]

250 287-8685


Sid Nielsen has a PAL course above Tyee Marine starting on....

CORE ($140) PAL ($140) Combined ($260)

 Note: the course changes to accommodate the new materiel and exams

Courses schedule August 2017


PAL August  18th, Friday evening from 5:30 PM to 10pm 

  Saturday 19th from 8:am to 2:00pm


C.O.R.E. ,  18th ,19th  and the Afternoon of the 20th    

P.A.L attends Friday and Saturday

C.O.R.E. attends Friday Saturday and August 18, 

Restricted Saturday 19th 2:00 pm